Vehicular Accidents

The following is a summary of some of the results we have achieved on behalf of our clients. Out of respect for our automobile accident clients’ privacy, the names of the parties are not included in the summary.

Automobile Accident

$2.1 Million Settlement

Woman suffered brain injury after head-on collision with automobile.

Automobile Accident | Wrongful Death

$1.2 Million Settlement

27 year old woman killed in head-on collision.

Automobile Accident

$1.35 Million Settlement

Woman suffered orthopedic and head injuries following head-on collision with utility truck.

Wrongful Death & Personal Injury to the Spouse

$1.7 Million Settlement

Pickup truck hauling a load down a steep hill lost braking ability, ran a stop sign and crashed into a smaller pickup, killing the driver of the smaller vehicle and injuring his wife.

Automobile Accident

$850,000 Settlement

Young man suffered head and orthopedic injuries after head-on collision with automobile.

$970,000 Settlement

29 year old construction worker, husband and father struck head-on by a semi-truck; Injuries to left shoulder, back, hips and head.

Automobile Accident

$1 Million Settlement

12 year old boy burned after being pinned under car that plowed into group of children waiting for school bus.

Trucking Accident | Wrongful Death

$700,000 Settlement

Man killed by truck which rolled onto his car.

$400,000 Settlement

42 year old mother and wife rear-ended by cement truck; Right rotator cuff tear and shoulder surgery.

Automobile Accident

$500,000 Arbitration Award

43 year old plumber hit head-on by uninsured driver; Broken ankle and fusion surgery.

Automobile Accident

$250,000 Verdict

39 year old woman suffered a fractured hip and pelvis when a negligent driver ran a stoplight and T-boned woman’s automobile.

Automobile Accident | Uninsured Motorist

$569,500 Verdict

T-bone collision with uninsured Driver; Disc herniations and two level cervical fusion.

Trucking Accident | Wrongful Death

$300,000 Settlement

17 year old girl killed by log truck at blind intersection because county failed to improve visibility at intersection.

Construction Accident | Trucking Accident

$839,000 Settlement

Head injury and broken leg sustained when beam knocked from bridge construction project by truck hauling mobile home landed on car.