Construction Accident Cases

The following is a summary of some of the results we have achieved on behalf of our clients. Out of respect for our clients’ privacy, the names of the parties are not included in the summary.

Jones Act Case | Construction Accident

$1.6 Million Verdict

37 year old tugboat deckhand injured when walkway fell and struck him while walking underneath; Cervical fusion, lumbar fusion, and decompression of right shoulder with acromial plasty; Returned to work as a heavy equipment operator.

Construction Accident | Trucking Accident

$839,000 Settlement

Head injury and broken leg sustained when beam knocked from bridge construction project by truck hauling mobile home landed on car.

Construction Accident

$3.5 Million Settlement

Young man killed while repairing water main.

Construction Accident

$825,000 Settlement

Worker injured back after falling from roof.

Construction Accident

$650,000 Settlement

Worker fell from scaffold and suffered shoulder injury.

Jones Act Case

$600,000 Settlement

50 year old man suffered fracture of tibial plateau when struck by stored metal plates which fell and struck his knee. Injury prevented return to sea.

Construction Accident

$800,000 Settlement

Worker suffered orthopedic injuries after wall collapsed and fell on him.

Construction Accident

$385,000 Verdict

Man fell from a rolling scaffold when wheel fell into open alleyway; Fracture of right wrist.

Construction Accident

$400,000 Verdict

Man struck by metal walkway when it fell from precarious resting position at a highway overpass construction project.

Construction Accident

$1 Million Settlement

Client fell thru unguarded skylight on roofing project suffering severe head and other bodily injuries.