Railroad Injury FAQs

What are the most common causes of railroad accidents?

Insurance companies have a history of blaming motorcyclists for accidents. Much of the reason for this is that severe injuries and death often occur as a result of these accidents and the insurance carriers frequently refuse to accept responsibility when they should.

Where do I file a claim or lawsuit if I was injured in a railroad accident outside of my home city and state?

You do not need to file the lawsuit in the location of the accident. You can file it anywhere the railroad company conducts business, has tracks or has a departure/destination location.

I’ve been offered a settlement from the railroad’s insurance company, should I take it?

Never accept a settlement without seeking legal council first. Insurance companies will only offer you the minimum amount they can get away with to settle your claim and get a signature from you stating you will not sue them.

Why are motorcycle accidents so dangerous and deadly?

While significant advances have occurred in motorcycle helmet safety, motorcycle accidents are still extremely dangerous and deadly because the motorcyclist is not well protected from the collision.

What kinds of damages can I legally seek if I’ve been injured in a railroad accident?

Depending on the situation, you can receive compensation for damage to your personal property or vehicle, all current and future medical expenses, psychological and emotional distress, and loss of past and future wages.

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