Legal Malpractice FAQs

What is legal malpractice?

Attorneys are required to abide by the same standard of conduct as other attorneys within their community. If an attorney fails to act within the standard of care within the community and the failure results in damage to their client, it is considered legal malpractice.

What do you have to prove to win a legal malpractice suit?

You must prove three things:

  1. That your attorney owed you a duty
  2. That he or she acted negligently and failed to act within the standard of care in the community
  3. That the negligent behavior and breach of the standard of care caused you damage
  4. What is a “fiduciary duty”?

Attorneys owe their clients a fiduciary duty, which means that they must place their client’s interests above their own. When an attorney fails to do so, it is referred to as a breach of fiduciary duty.

If you think that you have been a victim of legal malpractice that originated from a personal injury claim you should contact us. We can help you determine your legal options. Your initial consultation is free of charge.