Motorcycle Accidents

With the increasing popularity of bicycling so too has increased the frequency of bicycling accidents and collisions. A motorist’s momentary lack of attention or judgment can result in catastrophic injury or death to a bicyclist. Motorists frequently either forget or ignore the fact that bicyclists are entitled to the same courtesy as other vehicles using the roads.

ven with recent advances in helmet safety and riding gear, motorcyclists continue to suffer severe and even catastrophic injuries when involved in collisions. Insurance companies covering motorcyclists rarely provide medical benefits to protect the injured rider in the event of a motorcycle accident, thus leaving the cyclist to deal with their injuries as well as mounting medical expenses and wage losses.

Too many people rush to blame motorcyclists for driving too fast or failing to look out for their own safety. Given this tendency, it is critical to find experienced representation willing to thoroughly investigate each motorcycle accident as soon as possible in order to preserve valuable evidence regarding the speeds of the vehicles and distances involved. It is also important that your motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with the law, as well as the common defenses raised by automobile drivers and their lawyers at trial. For more information about motorcycle accidents, please visit our frequently asked questions section.

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