Construction Accidents

Despite advances in equipment safety and increased regulation, construction sites remain a dangerous working environment. Poorly maintained equipment and unsafe work practices continue to cause unacceptable numbers of construction related injuries and deaths nationally and in both Oregon and Washington.

Construction site accidents and injuries or deaths frequently involve equipment such as cranes, forklifts (Hysters®, Caterpillar®, Lull®, Pettibone®, Skytrak®), dump trucks (Terex®, Link-belt®), backhoes, graders, trackhoes, scaffolds (HiLifts®), Bobcats®, pumpjacks, aerial platforms, man lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts (JLG®, Genie®, Snorklelift®, Uno®), ladders, compressors, air nailers and guns, electrical tools, staplers, hammers, saws, extension cords, pumpers, drills and Hysters®.

Construction injuries can also occur as the result of dangerous and unsafe floor openings, improper fall protection, eye protection, barricades, rebar, skylights, roofing, concrete, foundations, iron beams, pipes, trusses, floor joists, stairs, railings, trenches, ditches, holes, falsework, sidewalks, walkways, highways, platforms and tunnels.

Construction accidents can involve numerous responsible parties including general contractors, subcontractors, architects, developers, excavators, framers, roofers, painters, sheetrockers, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters, flaggers, masons, ironworkers and laborers. Given the numerous parties involved in construction projects and the tendency for evidence to be altered, destroyed or misplaced soon after a construction site injury occurs, prompt and thorough investigation is important. Hiring a construction accident attorney with a thorough knowledge of the law relating to construction injuries as well as OSHA and other safety regulations is also important.

In the event of a serious construction injury or death, OSHA investigations are generally limited to determining whether the victim or the victim’s employer violated OSHA regulations rather than determining whether other parties or equipment manufacturers are to blame. Frequently, construction accident victims and their families are left with unanswered questions along with mounting medical bills and lost wages in addition to whatever injury they suffered. For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions section.

The construction accident attorneys at Tichenor Dziuba Law Office have over 60 years of combined experience representing construction accident victims and their families. We have represented injured construction workers in claims ranging from injuries caused by cranes and exposed floor openings, to injuries and deaths caused by defective equipment on the construction site. We are experienced at thoroughly investigating all details of the construction site accident in order to determine not only what really happened, but also to determine the identity of all responsible parties. For an example of our success and experience on behalf of our clients who were either injured or killed by construction accidents, see our Case Histories.

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