Trucking Accidents FAQ

When is a vehicle considered a truck?

Any vehicle that weighs 10,000 lbs or more and transports commercial goods is considered a truck by legal definition.

What should I do if my vehicle has been in an accident with a truck?

Since many accidents involving trucks result in serious injury, you should call 911 if anyone was injured. Next, get the contact and insurance information of the truck driver and witnesses. Before contacting an insurance company regarding a claim, you should seek legal advice.

How do I determine who’s liable for my injuries in the truck accident?

It will depend on the specific situation. The truck driver may be negligent. The trucking company may also be responsible for a variety of reasons including poor maintenance of the vehicle.

Do I need to hire legal representation for a truck accident?

While significant advances have occurred in motorcycle helmet safety, motorcycle accidents are still extremely dangerous and deadly because the motorcyclist is not well protected from the collision.

Do I need to hire legal representation for a truck accident?

It’s a good idea to do so. Truck accidents usually result in severe, long-term injuries. Truck company insurers investigate truck accidents immediately and valuable evidence can be lost or destroyed. An experienced truck accident attorney will investigate the collision quickly with the necessary experts to determine what happened and why. Experienced legal council will also ensure that your rights are adequately protected, especially in the case of serious injury.

What damages am I entitled to?

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident with a truck, you are entitled to reimbursement of medical costs, lost wages due to inability to work, and pain and suffering.

Trucking accidents can be extremely dangerous, and most of the time serious injuries occur. If this happens to you or a loved one, consult an experienced truck accident attorney who will protect your rights. Call Tichenor Dziuba Law Office.