Maritime Injuries

The following is a summary of some of the results we have achieved on behalf of our clients. Out of respect for our clients’ privacy, the names of the parties are not included in the summary.

Jones Act Case | Construction Accident

$1.6 Million Verdict

37 year old tugboat deckhand injured when walkway fell and struck him while walking underneath; Cervical fusion, lumbar fusion, and decompression of right shoulder with acromial plasty; Returned to work as a heavy equipment operator.

Jones Act Case

$1.75 Million Settlement

29 year old oiler forced to work for prolonged period in awkward position in confined space suffered torn latissimus dorsi muscle requiring surgery. Unable to return to work at sea.

Maritime Negligence

$1.725 Million Settlement

Young woman sustained head injury when vessel struck dock.

Maritime Injury

$611,000 Verdict

Tug deckhand injured L5-S1 intervertebral disk when he fell while transferring between Vessels; L5-S1 Fusion; Deckhand returned to work as assistant engineer.

Jones Act Case

$320,000 Verdict

30 year old deckhand fell on slippery hatch cover; Dislocation of kneecap, chondral fracture of the patella and chondral fracture of medial femoral condyle; Returned to full work duty following treatment.

Jones Act Case

$600,000 Settlement

50 year old man suffered fracture of tibial plateau when struck by stored metal plates which fell and struck his knee. Injury prevented return to sea.

Jones Act Case

$750,000 Settlement

Deckhand suffered four separate shipboard injuries including a fall into unmarked, open hatch; L4-5 disc herniation and surgery; Unable to return to work as deckhand.

Jones Act Case

$324,000 Verdict

27 year old cook strained low back while carrying box through hatchway when ship rolled.

Third Party Longshore

$750,000 Verdict

70 year old longshoreman’s right leg was caught in eye of mooring line and crushed against bollard. Displaced fractures of tibia and fibula and de-gloving injury of the soft tissues of leg.

Automobile Accident

$500,000 Arbitration Award

43 year old plumber hit head-on by uninsured driver; Broken ankle and fusion surgery.

Third Party Longshore

$753,467 Verdict

51 year old longshoreman injured when grated catwalk gave way falling 7 feet to deck below. Damage to knee required surgery.

Automobile Accident | Uninsured Motorist

$569,500 Verdict

T-bone collision with uninsured Driver; Disc herniations and two level cervical fusion.

Jones Act Case

$750,000 Settlement

Seaman injured after falling down stairs and injuring low back aboard vessel.


$192,782.64 Verdict

Third-party longshore case for a 30 year old man injured when a falling gangway smashed his hand between the gangway and the vessel, damaging two fingers.