Bicycle Accidents FAQ

Who is usually at fault in a bicycle accident?

It depends on the situation, but oftentimes motorists are at fault because they don’t understand that bicyclists have the same right of way as other vehicles on the road.

How can I prove that I wasn’t at fault in a bicycle accident?

A thorough investigation of your bicycle accident case is often necessary to document what truly happened at the time of the collision. At Tichenor Dziuba Law Office, we hire experienced investigators and accident reconstructionists to investigate and reconstruct each case.

Are bicycle accidents difficult to prosecute in court?

They can be because insurance companies and even jurors have a tendency to believe the bicyclist is at fault no matter what the circumstance. For this reason, you will need an experienced bicycle accident attorney to represent you and protect your rights.

What damages can I seek if I was involved in a bicycle accident?

The same damages that are awarded in all other personal injury cases. You can seek compensation for damage to your bike, current and future medical bills, loss of current and future wages and pain and suffering.

If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident please call Tichenor Dziuba Law Office. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.