Bicycle Accidents

With the increasing popularity of bicycling so too has increased the frequency of bicycling accidents and collisions. A motorist’s momentary lack of attention or judgment can result in catastrophic injury or death to a bicyclist. Motorists frequently either forget or ignore the fact that bicyclists are entitled to the same courtesy as other vehicles using the roads.

Unfortunately, insurance companies, and even some jurors are quick to blame the bicyclist who was injured or killed in a collision. They frequently claim that the injured bicyclist was traveling too fast or failed to keep a proper look out or control of their bicycle. Given this fact, the success of claims by people injured in bicycle accidents often turns on thorough investigation of the collision and experienced representation. Accident reconstructionists are often necessary to accurately demonstrate the timing and speeds involved so as to demonstrate that it was the motorist, not the bicyclist, who is responsible for the bicycle accident.

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