Trucking Accidents

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, a truck collision occurs in the State of Oregon every 8.4 hours. In 2002 alone, there were 1,039 trucking accidents involving fatality, injury or disabling damage to the vehicles involved.

Each year, thousands of innocent victims are killed or seriously injured by the negligence of truck drivers. Lack of sleep, unsafe driving practices, defective and oversized loads, defective and poorly maintained equipment are just some of the causes of these otherwise avoidable tragedies.

When truck accidents cause serious injury or death, it is guaranteed that the at-fault truck company will be well represented by experienced, thorough and aggressive lawyers. So should the accident victims and their families. The truck accident lawyers at Tichenor Dziuba Law Office are experienced at representing truck accident victims and their family members. For more information, please visit our Truck Accident frequently asked questions section.

We have the resources to thoroughly investigate each truck accident and to hire the most qualified experts in order to ensure that our clients receive fair and just compensation. For an example of our success on behalf of trucking accident victims and their families, please view our Case Histories.

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